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Amelia (PIN: 7098) - offline

Hello there, My name is Amelia and I am 30 years. I am a curvy brunette with blue eyes, I am tall with sexy toned legs. I am a very sensual woman and I love to tease and touch myself. I would love to chat about anything, sweet and innocent or pure filth, the choice is yours. Give me a call on my agent number 7098.

Turn ons:
Favourite Positions:
Bent over

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Amelia’s Comments

For: Amelia 1 day ago

Madam imagines just "how" Mr Bond would say "I'm sure you do. Come in!" Makes Madam feel "beastly"! Mwah! x

For: Amelia 1 day ago

Oh "recline" for Madam, pleeeaaasseee Mr Bond! x

For: Amelia 1 day ago

Mr Bond imagined being against the wall! His blue pants will "salute" Madam!x

For: Amelia 2 days ago

Mr Bond wants to Madam to cook up something to "tickle" his imagination!x

For: Amelia 3 days ago

Yes, yes, no! You are sooooo going to have to help Madam with that change Mr Bond! Mwah! x

For: Amelia 4 days ago

Mr Bond sooo wants Madam to be his "peaceful.fountains of desire"(HW)!x

For: Amelia 4 days ago

Madam has thoughts of a "wet" Mr Bond & Madam! With lots and lots of "bubbles"! Yes, yes, yes! x

For: Amelia 4 days ago

Madam should use the Slazenger brand when practicing serve and volley with Mr Bond!x

For: Amelia 4 days ago

Madam imagines you showing her how well you serve and volley Mr Bond! Madam is biting her bottom lip at the thought! Soooo good! Mwah! x

For: Amelia 4 days ago

Have u forgotten already but now my holidays finished you're supposed to be giving me instruction to assist my bedroom activities. Albert

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