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Macey (PIN: 7102) - offline

Hi guys, you have come through to Macey's line. I'm in my early 30's, exotic, with long, dark brown wavy hair and hazel eyes. I'm quite fit, petite, nice and curvy though, nice legs and nice juicy thighs. I love working out in the gym. I also love to watch some porn. Maybe you should give me a call, so we can take this a little further, my number is 7102, speak soon.

Turn ons:
Watching Porn
Favourite Positions:

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Macey’s Comments

For: Macey 3 weeks ago

Another super sexy chat with Macey while watching some porn. Shot a nice big load for her. Speak again soon Ray xxx

For: Macey 4 weeks ago

Macey, you are superb. I just love talking and getting off with you, apologies for cumming so quickly but you got me so wound up I just had to shoot my load. Ray xx

For: Macey 1 month ago

You are a dirty bitch.From your sexy voice Johm.

For: Macey 1 month ago

Hey sexy Macey it's Alex here thank you for an awesome conversation & phonesex!!! 👅👅🔥🔥💦💦💦 will call again hope your well? Xxx

For: Macey 1 month ago

Your Gay Blowjob Slut here!🙈🔥 Best phonesex ever!

For: Macey 2 months ago

If you fail to behave Macey rest assured your cunt and arse holes will SOON know about it trust me LOL

For: Macey 2 months ago

Macey, that was awesome, I love talking and cumming with you. Ray xx

For: Macey 2 months ago

Dean the Welshman- A wonderful, very sexy, lovely lady. Who could ask for more xx

For: Macey 2 months ago

Hey macey hopefully to have so much fun with you tomorrow morning I love the sexy fun times with each other lot of love Aaron xxx

For: Macey 2 months ago

Love you so much Macey had a amazing time with you can't wait to speak to you again lots of love as always from your little angel Aaron xxxxxxxx

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