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Taniya (PIN: 7179) - offline

Hi guys, my name is Taniya. I am what you would call a Milf. I know what I like, I know what I want and I always get it!!.. I am 5 ft 6" tall with blue eyes and dark long hair. I am very horny and love lots of nipple-play. To tease them, to kiss them, to nibble on them.. my oh my that sends me wild. I love walks and naughty work outs, give me a call and get your lips around my hard nipples!!!

Turn ons:
Nipple play
Favourite Positions:
You on your knees

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Taniya’s Comments

For: Taniya 6 days ago

Apologies Taniya for disappearance. Elderly relative needed assistance to stand up from settee. A Cheeky Friend. PS remember "boss" gets to have his dinner in peace LOL

For: Taniya 6 days ago


For: Taniya 1 week ago

More??????? You greedy so and so LOL A cheeky friend

For: Taniya 1 week ago

Oh I like the sound of that thick meaty dick in all my fuck holes! Cheeky friend you need to come and give me more! Love Taniya 💋

For: Taniya 1 week ago

Well Taniya how was your early Sundays evening entertainment this week getting kinkier by the week, one week we will either get you screaming with pleasure or pain, Andy 💛🤍, the DSS 'Sometimes she likes it rough' would suit you

For: Taniya 1 week ago

Was going to ring but am sadly not feeling 100% due to a dodgy Garlic Bread which I ate yesterday A Cheeky Friend. now for f's sake watch your back hen

For: Taniya 1 week ago

Try not to bend too far Taniya unless you are going on all 4s whilst a big thick meaty dick slams deep and hard into your fuck holes he he LOL A Cheeky Friend

For: Taniya 2 weeks ago

My back is much better thanks, looking forward to some chat from my cheeky friend. Love Taniya 💋

For: Taniya 3 weeks ago

Hope yer back is better hen

For: Taniya 3 weeks ago

Hi Taniya, glad you enjoyed Sunday smile with me and Paige this week, I'm sure we can bring some friends with us next week and all you have to do is expect the unexpected! love Andy 💛 🤍

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