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Ruby (PIN: 7258) - offline

Hello sweethearts. My name is Ruby and just like my name, I love wearing nothing but my Ruby-red lippy! I am an older single lady, nice curves and DD breasts. I love keeping in shape, swimming, long walks about obviously plenty of sex! Give me a call, agent number 7258. XX

Turn ons:
Role-play, naughty secretary.
Favourite Positions:
Eye to eye contact

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Ruby’s Comments

For: Ruby 10 hours ago

gives me wobbly knees.

For: Ruby 1 day ago

gives me wobbly knees.

For: Ruby 2 days ago

Hello Mistress Ruby. I've just signed up to the free alerts so I can see when you come online, Im thinking that it will give me more opportunities to spend more time talking to you. Im topped up on credit ready to submit myself to you. Love Danny X â

For: Ruby 2 days ago

If I had your voice in my sat-nav I would drive around all day, my cock would be the size of the gear stick as I listen to directions you say, I'd only go one mile an hour though or I'd drive straight into some trees, as your voice is so damn sexy it

For: Ruby 3 days ago

Hello sexy. That was so hot last night. Gutted we got cut off just as I was going to cum for you, only fair after you'd cum for me so many times. Gutted didn't get your goodbye kisses. Extra next time please, will try get you tonight.

For: Ruby 5 days ago

I am smitten as a kitten. You are pretty as a kitty. I'm not joking, my bodies smoking. You are slim because you swim. How much we have in common is a rare thing. 😁

For: Ruby 6 days ago

So I need to speak with you real soon or people will think I'm some kind of loon.

For: Ruby 6 days ago

If I don't hear your voice for just one day, my body acts in a weird way. My heart it cools and mouth it drools as I think of you and what I'll do. Something stirs down below, I start to sigh and my cock pokes me hard in the eye. So I need to speak w

For: Ruby 6 days ago

Your yoga pants are so tight, to go out in them is not right. Some poor gawping guy's heart may stop, or his staring eyes might even pop, so wear them exclusively for me and reduce the queues in A&E.

For: Ruby 1 week ago

Hello sexy. You are like a teenager with me - always on the phone and mostly making grunt and groan noises. You spend ages in bed often locked in your bedroom, have a ferocious appetite and often have your mouth full.

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